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Overpopulation, clutter and congestion are just a few of the trade-offs of urbanization. All of which has resulted in information overload, chaos and confusion. To bring in some order in information delivery and management and to simplify lives, Auro offers Software Solutions for hassle-free management.

Information when structured becomes knowledge. At Auro, we apply our minds to design out-of-the-box solutions that transform information into data that people can comprehend and put to use. A combination of data and our technologically advanced digital portfolio, helps channelize the process of information gathering and distribution. From security and surveillance, intelligent transport systems, server technology, mobile applications to finance, Auro Display offers complete turnkey design solutions to enterprises.


Cameras and sensors aid in careful surveillance, inspection and management of data for maximum safety. Be it for a complex, IT infrastructure, supermarket or an entire township, security and surveillance helps keep things in check and in control. Auro’s Security and Surveillance services offers all the products and services to keep you and your organisation safe and secure. 

Auro’s Security Solutions provide an all-round surveillance support. Web-based software solutions, advanced display facilities, CCTV and sensors give operators control and crystal clear clarity to keep a close watch over operations. All our surveillance systems are equipped to store live video, take backup of recorded video, stream live video and preview recorded data. The video recording can be shared to Network Video Recorder (NVR) through ethernet or Wi Fi, to IP cam SD card if it’s built in and the camera is capable of motion detection, non-stop recording and remote-playback. It also supports 3G apps, P2P technology and can shoot event alarm messages to pre-set mail account. The camera’s network settings doesn’t require ‘Port Forward’ and more than one sets can be installed on a single IP Router. Our cameras are superior. With micron, mega pixel image sensors, automatic image correction, semi-WDR features, low-light performance, Ethernet protocol, video streaming, NVR display, IP cam 3G live view and a speed of up to 4mbps. We also have smart phone 3G apps that allow you complete control over motion detection, recording, voice detection, video settings etc. One can re-connect, delete and view events along with facilities to change name and password and take live snap shots with dual audio capabilities.

It’s also possible to obtain new firmware from FTP server through the web to complete procedures and upgrades. When NVR is not in live view, it can also be used as Digital Signage for playing advertisements. Playback of pre-recorded advertisement contents through an external USB device is also possible. We cater to the all your security need with flexible options of screens, monitors and more. Our solutions can streamline your data and channelize their flow for easy display and monitoring.


Get access to escape bumper-to-bumper traffic, bottlenecks and traffic jams with navigation support from Auro’s Intelligent Transport Systems. Our solutions can help Get access to escape bumper-to-bumper traffic, bottlenecks and traffic jams with navigation support from Auro’s Intelligent Transport Systems. Our solutions can help tackle all your traffic woes with simplified management systems. From managing traffic flow, tolls, parking and providing alternate routes, and other information to drivers, we design software that fits your existing systems with ease. 

With the growing population, there’s a dire need for towns, cities, states and private road transportation firms to look for alternate means to monitor and control their existing transport systems. Our Intelligent Transport System (ITS) with the help of GPS, GPRS and Wi-Fi, helps provide a hassle-free system of operation. Our backend and hardware capability provides an integrated solution with electronic ticketing machine, passenger information system, driver console unit and vehicle tracking system. ITS is the next step in welcoming a better, more evolved transportation system for the ever growing population. Why do you need it? We’ll give you more than one reason:

  • Managing huge fleets from remote depots becomes easy.
  • The bus schedule, route and passenger info is accessible.
  • With Vehicle Tracking System, one can locate the bus and keep in touch with the staff.
  • E-ticketing machines remembers and stores information about each passenger.
  • Need based allocation of new busses in new routes and better use of existing busses is possible.
  • A driver console unit helps monitor the condition of the bus.
  • Security cameras help ensure maximum safety of busses.

To sum it up, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) addresses key issues of the existing transportation system to save money and time for transportation firms and provide safety to passengers.

Similar to driving controls, a Driver Console Unit communicates with different hardware devises and creates a visual display of the vehicle condition, status of temperature, speed, number of passengers etc. Along with more control over the vehicle, the driver can also access security cameras. An Electronic Ticketing Machine plays the role of a conductor, by issuing tickets using a GPRS interface. Its features include use of access-cards and storing of e-tickets, which get stored on the Driver Console.

A Passenger Information System helps control the information that’s shared with passengers through an LED display. It can be used to show routes, other location specific information or even advertisements. While a Vehicle Tracking System helps gather data about the vehicle such as driver, routes and location. It shows the exact location and movement of a bus on a map. One could also use a Ground Booking Terminal that works like an operator to directly book tickets, check routes and make other queries.

Our highly networked solutions allow for easy transmitting and sharing of videos and data within and outside our network. Making our Intelligent Transport Systems, highly advanced and truly intelligent.


Our digital signage software helps create unique solutions to execute your ideas to perfection. Our design engineers can conceptualize, create and control the distribution of content across borders. We have systems in place to manage the control of information by different users. You can also run many programs simultaneously with full control over their frequency and relay. For instance at Airports you can transfer flight details and delays to all signage with just one access point.


As a complete solutions provider, Auro Display has the expertise to offer solutions in the Finance and Banking sector as well. Our solutions in the Finance sector ensure that transactions are carried out without any delays and disruptions. Our array of software offerings range from money transfer, e-vouchers, mobile banking and more, to help maximize efficiency and reduce cost.

Money transfer: If you’re wiring money to your parents, friends, business partners or clients, our launder-proof remittance software is the answer to all your money-transfer needs. As we believe in rising to any challenge, no job is too big or small for us. Our operational costs are truly competitive even as our software streamlines most of intricate banking operations with absolute ease and élan. It’s like handing money over to a friend indeed.

Daily collection: We believe that simplicity is the key that opens all doors. Daily collections allow the daily wage worker to save a portion of his earning every day and that’s why it is widely used in Africa where we have successfully implemented it. Our daily collection software revolves around a simple SMS. Let’s take you through the flow. Once the customer pays a sum, an SMS - containing the customer’s account number and amount paid - updates the customer’s account. While we deal with the nitty-gritty of the transactions, the client reaps the benefits of our cost-effective accounting software.

E-vouchers: Going cashless seems to be the buzzword today. So if you would rather surprise your customers with an e-voucher as opposed to a gift, or motivate your employees, or provide an incentive to your customers using the cashless way, contact us now for a heads up on our e-voucher offers.

Mobile Banking: Our mobile banking application gives you the freedom of mobile transactions. Transfer funds, pay bills, book tickets to movies, travel and more, while you’re on the move.


Take your business to the next level with mobile applications for the world of tomorrow. We use the latest cross platform technology to help you solve data issues, speed-up processes and find new ways to interact with customers. Our team evolves the best application and executes it to perfection so you can engage end users with an unparalleled experience. Thereby maximizing revenue and productivity.

• Mobile analytics for faster decision-making.

• Applications to create better user experience.

• Intelligent solutions for improved employee performance.

• Tailored applications specific to your industry.

• Process based applications to increase productivity.


Our experts in server technology engineer the best distribution and monitoring solutions that manage your power requirement by ensuring minimum downtime and maximum efficiency. Our servers are highly reliable and manufactured keeping quality standards in mind. We offer quick delivery and solutions tailored to meet client needs. We help IT teams manage their operations with fewer risks and more efficiency across sectors.


Time is of the essence. It’s with this very understanding that we offer our Vehicle Tracking and Mapping Solutions. We help you be on time, get ahead of competition, reduce waiting and respond to emergencies by keeping a close watch on your consignment. Auro’s vehicle tracking technology gives you more accurate and reliable information on a real-time situation of the road, vehicle and driver’s condition. Whatever be your concern, a repair, delivery or fleet management, Auro’s software gives you a clear picture of your vehicle’s whereabouts, so you can stay in control and in charge even if you’re miles away. Auro’s a smart GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management can be used by organizations and individuals. Using a GPS tracker that has a receiver and GPRS tool, one can monitor each vehicle, even when it’s on the move. We also provide additional features such as GPS navigator, driver identification and CANBus interface. All the information that’s collected is sent to a data centre which is then available for use. They can be made available through e-mail with data that’s most useful for you. Controlling speed limit, fuel consumption and deviation from the allotted route is also possible through pre-set alarms. We make your fleet management easy by offering services such as Integrated Navigation that helps you message the drivers and the office. Along with navigation facility that helps save fuel. The Integrated Navigation option helps establish an efficient communication channel and saves cost on calls. Besides this, we also help you monitor and manage Fuel, Engine Status, Tracking all across India, Cost Management, Web Services and Sensors for Doors and Temperature.