Led Rentals


If you’re looking to stand out in a cluttered market space to make an impression that connects and converts customers, Auro Display has just the solution for you. We can light up any space with intelligent and tailored, digital signage or LED screens. Our solutions promise to give your brand a facelift and increase your customers, service appeal, product position and your market worth.

If you want to draw the attention of window-shoppers, launch a new product, promote special offers or just make a presence that’s louder and more visible than others, LED rentals is the way forward. You could use it in restaurants, pharmacies, pubs, supermarkets, showrooms, stock-exchanges, the possibilities are infinite, so are your returns. We also provide Graphic Design Support to help create messages that are apt for your brand and that connects with the audience.

Our array of LEDs and Digital Signage can be made to order, anywhere, anytime.
- They can be tailored for an indoor signage or an outdoor event with easy connection options to varied data sources.
- They are highly interactive and help create personalized experiences, at the same time, they are powerful enough to capture the attention of millions.
- Because of their engaging and high-impact performance, they will help you increase sales, up-sell and scale your overall revenue.


We’ve put together the best in technology, in shapes and sizes that offer great flexibility of usage, at an optimal price. Our Outdoor Displays offer unmatched image quality to offer true to life colors and clarity. Our engineers and designers work closely with our clients to install the best solutions to match client’s space, purpose and customer base.

Our Auro series LEDs are built to stand outdoors. Resolutions ranging from 10mm, 16mm, 20mm to 24mm that enable longer viewing distance and crystal clear flicker free experience, that delivers high-resolution and deep color with unparalleled brightness and contrast levels. A high protection IP65 rating that makes it operational in all weather conditions. We specialize in Outdoor Displays for different markets with our VMS (variable message signs), videos replay screens, perimeter displays and white electronic scoreboards.


We’ve got a range of display options that have been designed keeping indoor spaces in mind. Their sleek design gives them a multifunctional appeal. Our Indoor Displays offer the same capabilities as the Outdoor Displays, while creating images that are color rich yet suitable for indoors. Our engineers and designers work closely with our clients to help them choose a solution that’s made for them.

Our Auro series of LEDs serve every aspect your indoor requirements. Be it a digital poster or a video screen, we have resolutions ranging from 6mm, 8mm10mm, 16mm to 20mm, for a viewing range that’s suited for interiors. Be it a multifunctional conference hall, auditoriums, command and control center, shops and establishments, restaurants or theatre, we have sizes that can fit in any space.


Auro Display’s Digital Billboards create superior, vivid and next-generation visuals. They are longer-lasting, highly reliable and don’t cost much to own. With so much going for them, they make for great Digital Out-of-Home media (DOOH). The LED technology helps recreate accurate colors, text and visuals with enhanced clarity for a lasting impression and favorable customer engagement.


Our Digital Displays and LED solutions make visuals more vivid. Therefore, they can be used in any industry that would like to give its customers a true visual treat. Clear and captivating visuals help keep the communication channel smooth, at the same time creating a visually enriching experience. Be it indoors or outdoors, our offerings ensure that your message gets communicated and remembered.

• Weddings
• Rallies
• Concerts
• Billboards
• 3D technologies
• Digital Out of Home Media
• Show Business and Events
• Shopping Malls and Retail
• Television
• Passenger Terminals
• Roadway and Traffic Systems
• Entertainment and Leisure
• Corporate and Finance Sectors
• Architecture and Design
• Control rooms
• Emergency Operations Centers
• Security/Surveillance
• Telecom
• Traffic Management
• Utilities & Process Control
• Defense & Aerospace
• Air Traffic Control & Management
• Clinical Specialties
• Media & Entertainment
• DOOH (advertising)
• Branding & Retail
• Corporate AV
• Rental & Staging
• Sports & Venues
• Simulation & Virtual Reality
• Automotive