Get To Know Us


Over the years, Auro Display has established a strong foothold in the digital landscape with unique display solutions, technologically advanced software and an array of digital offerings. We specialize in developing need-based and client-specific LED and software solutions. Our work speaks for itself. Over the years our clients have come to swear by our expertise in ensuring that their idea goes through the right channel of design, technology, back-end support, management, execution and maintenance. We believe in delivering quality, on every project we undertake and in every product we market.

Auro Display is the next generation of communication and advertising, in a league that leaves all the traditional mediums far behind. Its engaging and interactive platform creates a personalized and memorable customer experience. Our team of engineers ensure not only that our display solutions are advanced, but also go way beyond and develop intelligent software for transport of tomorrow, integrated software for finance, digital signage information, display technology and other necessary support services to consistently deliver great products and designs.

Our services and products can be used in Advertising, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Entertainment, Banking and Finance, Government, Education or any industry that’s looking to create a richer customer experience.



> To transform the way people look at branding and display solutions
> To be a turnkey provider of innovative solutions that is ahead of its time.


Driven by superior technology(hardware and software), intelligent software, in-house domain experts, a dynamic management team, global strategic tie-ups and a strong network of supply chain partners, we strive to provide solutions that simplify complex markets and guarantee customer satisfaction. 


We believe that doing one’s best isn’t always enough, but exceeding client expectations is. Which is why our staff includes a healthy mix of experienced and young, with one thing in common, they are all keen listeners. And it’s only when client’s needs are understood, after a careful examination and analysis of their requirements that we get into execution. Making our solutions customized, client friendly and timely.